Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Buzz Lightyear Returns To Earth After 15 Month Mission In Space! Ready For 3D Premiere of TOY STORY...

Jim here. Yep. Buzz made it. He spent the last 15 months aboard the International Space Station as part of the joint Disney / NASA educational outreach program. Tim Allen probably wishes it was him instead of the toy - but hey, he at least gets to lend his voice once again for TOY STORY 3!

Buzz softly touched down September 11th on the Discovery STS-128 mission.

Mr. Lightyear will be treated to a full ticker tape parade along Main Street USA at Walt Disney World, Florida on October 2 - which also happens to be the premiere of his TOY STORY 1 and TOY STORY 2 double feature in stereoscopic 3D. The double bill is a limited 2 week engagement (unless demand soars which it probably will).

The next big 3D release after it will be Disney's A CHRISTMAS CAROL on November 6 - so I would look for the TOY STORY 1 & 2 event to be extended ala Hannah Montana's concert movie.

Will TOY STORY characters once again fill the holiday stockings of kids worldwide AND the coffers of Disney again? You bet. This is as solid a hit as you can imagine. Two movies for the price of one, beloved characters and all in 3D. Kids are pumped up for this!

Look for TOY STORY 3 in theaters June 18, 2010. And ah, yeah - awareness will be through the roof for this one!

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