Friday, September 18, 2009

Film Based 3D? No Short Term Digital Upgrades Required? Technicolor Is Coming To Visit!

Jim here. I remain somewhat skeptical but there is a new 3D technology player in town who really isn't all that new to Hollywood. Technicolor. They claim to have a 35mm print solution for 3D and according to exit polls being conducted recently it may even rival some digital technologies.

While the technology is interesting, its reception at the 3D Entertainment Summit has been cool according to Variety. I tend to go along with what they are assuming - Hollywood does not want to go anywhere near another format war and I don't blame them.

Further, the notion of bundling up the new Technicolor solution with the old analog projectors that are being replaced and shipping them overseas where there just may be a market - makes a whole lot of sense.

To be clear, Technicolor is presenting their solution as a stop gap between the current theatrical shortage of 3D screens, and when there is sufficient digital 3D deployments made. Again, this makes sense to me. AVATAR and other huge 3D properties will need these additional screens if it possible to wrap them up and deploy them in time. Apparently the Technicolor solution uses polarized glasses - just as RealD does.

HOWEVER, I do NOT wish to see Technicolor creep into the picture by overstaying in the US/Canada scene. Sure, bridge the gap by all means. However, digital is CLEARLY the best solution for Hollywood going forward and from that I will not be swayed. From what I have seen, the digital picture is brighter and clear of residual artifacts and does not age. Further, 3D needs those extra lumens.

So, welcome to the 3D scene Technicolor! You are like a visiting family member bringing freshly baked bread who I missed a great deal. But don't overstay the welcome... :-)

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