Saturday, September 26, 2009

First Look At AVATAR's Unobtainium And Further Concept Artwork

Jim here. And the hits just keep on coming from - AVATAR's viral website. Looks like we have our first glimpse of unobtainium from Pandora - and through its magnetic field and superconductivity, it levitates.

I love the presentation of this! Asks a whole lot of questions in my mind that I hope are answered in AVATAR - guess that's the whole point of a teaser photo isn't it?

This is the mineral that humans are so desperate for - that they would come all the way out to Pandora, mix it up with the flora and fauna just to mine it.

Next up is some concept art found below - the first shot is of Hells Gate and a fleet of Scorpion aircraft. The second is of and RDA hydro electric generating station on Pandora. Be sure to check out the rest of them on! Click to zoom in.

The thought that went into a simple shot like the unobtainium above sets the bar even higher for me if that is possible. Sure I expect revolutionary 3D and effects from AVATAR - but now I am seeing the artistry and use of color too. I am spellbound by it. Sure I have had an interest in geology since I was a kid, combing my grandparent's rocky beach - picking out amethyst and agate among the ancient fossils that dwell along the Bay of Fundy. That, along with my mother being an artist and my intense interest in film making - I can really appreciate the work that went into this simple, but gorgeous shot. Well done guys! Oh and thanks to A@ronW for keeping a vigilant eye on

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