Friday, September 04, 2009

New Avatar Game Pics from Official Playstation Magazine

**UPDATE: Sep 7 - Jim here. Got an update from one of my trusted sources about the top left photo of the trailer - MINI-SPOILER: "Unless Ubisoft has invented a new unit, the structure in the upper left pix is a remote link module. The operating range for avatars with link tanks at Hellsgate is limited. For avatars to function farther away, the remote module is airlifted to an appropriate location, and the humans operate them locally. The module is sealed, with its own life support systems, so they can work without masks. I don't know what is stored underneath the module."

Interesting! Super update - love to know what these various pieces of equipment do in the movie. Seems there is a slight breach in the hull integrity of that particular link module though... :-)

Michael here. Avatar Movie Zone has some scans from the October issue of the Official Playstation Magazine that show some great stuff - especially this top pic. What do you think we are seeing here? I have an idea, but I want to read what you all think.

I've also heard from a trusted source that what we have seen so far is early work, and that the final game will be stunning. Given that the consensus from those lucky enough to get in to the private demoes at E3 was so positive even with an early version of the game, I am very optimistic that the final product will be a true AAA game that will stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Ubi's flagship IP's such as the Prince of Persia, Assassins Creed, and Splinter Cell games.

And the option to play it in 3D will bring it over the top. The game will be a great way to live in Pandora once you leave the theater, and to explore parts of the world not shown in the movie. There may even be content in the game that will be used in Avatar sequels.

Click on over to AMZ for the rest of the pics and some fun quotes from Cameron about the game.

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