Friday, September 04, 2009

Philips Demoes 56 inch 21:9 3DTV

Michael here. Philips is prepared to enter the brawl of consumer electronics companies who have 3D in their sights. They are showing off an ultra-widescreen, 21:9 3D television hooked up to a 3d-capable blu-ray player.

However, Philips has not announced any definite plans as to when this TV might go on sale, saying that the technology "is not quite there."

The tech is definitely there, as I and many others have seen via Panasonic's super-impressive 103 inch 3D Plasma. Perhaps what they meant was that a standard has not yet been reached. However, I am confident that the Blu-ray Disk Association, Consumer Electronics Association, SMPTE, the 3D-at-Home Consortium, and other bodies will get everything straightened out soon.

There is simply too much money at stake for them to prolong the process of deciding on standards for 3DTV.

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