Sunday, October 04, 2009

3D Geek Alert: Sony Demos S3D Gaming On Playstation 3!

Jim here. Got some awesome news from the Tokyo Game Show 2009 - Sony is continuing to demo their Playstation 3 using stereoscopic 3D - this time with the game WIPEOUT HD.

As we know already most games have been designed with 3D in mind and the technology for pumping out 3D is not that much more complex than split screening on modern gaming consoles. I can't wait to see more of this in action.

Some have been worried about possible negative aspects about wearing headgear for 3D gaming and it is simply ignorant. Do they not know how many gamers wear headsets today for headphones and microphones? It is time to wake up and butter your toast.

Note that Sony is using RealD's CE4 glasses technology. This tech uses active shutter technology rather than their cinematic polarized solution. I have said this many times before: This is EXACTLY the method I would use in the home at this time as well.

Sony is reiterating that stereo 3D gaming (or S3D Gaming) will be in our homes in 2010. Hideyuki Agata, Sony Computer Entertainment's Director, Software Platform Development said: "We'd like to increase out content in line with the start of 3D games in 2010. ...Bringing stereo vision to games enables players to feel more depth, and the game world becomes more real."

I would like to hear more about what Microsoft is doing lately with their XBOX in stereoscopic 3D. Nothing ramps up technology like some good ol' competition - that is until they start taking pictures of what the competition is doing... :-) Not saying it was Microsoft - but obviously Sony is doing something VERY right and its initials are 3D.

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