Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Device You Have On Your Face Will Send 3D Chills Coursing Through Your Veins...

Jim here. The press day for SAW 6 at Universal Studios has producer Mark Burg and co-writer Marcus Dunstan talk briefly about SAW 7 3D and I have brought over just those comments (courtesy of Collider). The full interview is available here.

Any plans to go 3-D, in the future?

Burg: For Saw 7. It’s 3-D. Absolutely.

Will that still stay within the same budget?

Burg: No. 3-D costs more money. It’s a longer prep, a longer shoot, a longer post, more expensive cameras. It costs more to shoot and it costs more to market ’cause you have to buy the glasses. It’s an extra $2 million in marketing, just because you have to buy the glasses. But, it’s worth it. I think Saw itself, just the way the films are shot, lends itself to being a 3-D movie. We saw a test that somebody did, that was a minute of Saw, that they just transferred from 2-D to 3-D, and it looked great. So, we were like, “All right, screw it. Let’s do it!” But, we’re not going to transfer it. We’re actually shooting it in 3-D. A lot of people just do the 2-D to 3-D transfer, but we want to be able to build the sets in a way that takes advantage of depth. We’re going to design traps to come at you. The pendulum trap that opened the last Saw movie would have been great in 3-D.

Have you determined what way the 3-D will be used? Will it be more about the depth of the film, or will you use it similarly to My Bloody Valentine 3-D?

Burg: We’re planning a lot of the movie to be through the victim’s eyes, seeing stuff as it’s coming towards them, in their point-of-view. But, I think the audience wants a couple My Bloody Valentine type moments, where the gun comes into the audience.

Now that Saw 4 and 5 really cemented the idea that this is a series that is going to thrive, live and drive forward off of the flashbacks and the inter-connectivity of everything, how far in advance do you get to plan?

Burg: We’re definitely making Saw 7. We’re starting in January, and it’s going to be in 3-D. The storyline that we started in Saw 5 and carry through Saw 6, ends at Saw 8. Where it goes beyond that, I couldn’t tell you. In my mind and in Oren’s mind, we have the story threaded through Saw 8. After that, I can’t tell you that the franchise will continue.

Saw 8 is sooooo 3D too. :-) Sounds like we are going to have a blast with these for at least another 2 Halloweens. Chalk the SAW franchise up on the native 3D production side as opposed to conversion. Interesting. And don't forget to re-read the title of this post in Jigsaw's voice if you haven't already...

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