Wednesday, October 28, 2009

New Poster: Dreamworks Animation's HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON

Jim here. Got a new poster for you for Dreamworks Animation's HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON. Personally I have been looking forward to this one more than MONSTERS VS. ALIENS simply because the world really should have dragons, you know? It is one of the better fantastical creatures ever invented - right up there with vampires.

Just click on the poster to enlarge.

Not much to say about the poster other than we can certainly see the brand of humor that is going to be used - quite a few physical jokes. I would like to see the dragons in this S3D animation stepped up a bit from our nicely done BEOWULF dragon at the tail end of that movie.
I expect the 3D in HTTYD to be spectacular simply because aerial battles (and submerged battles for that matter) are well suited for the format. Objects hovering at different distances really set off the effect - no comin' at ya's required - although I am sure some will be :-)

HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON opens in stereoscopic 3D on March 26th, 2010. From the advance sketches I have seen, I think the imagery and characters will be awesome. Sorry can't post these again - DWA asked me to remove them some time ago. Stay tuned for more info!

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