Tuesday, October 27, 2009

EXCLUSIVE: New AVATAR Photo - Michelle Rodriguez!!

**UPDATE: Oct 28 - Just got word from a source that her call sign is "Maya", which is partially visible above her head. The pin is for Sec Ops, the private security arm of the RDA. And it is a tiger on the nose art! Awesome update! :-)

Jim here. Fox just sent me this exclusive shot of Michelle Rodriguez standing beside her aircraft and looking very intense! Perhaps thinking about what perils she will be encountering while piloting through hostile airspace on Pandora! :-)

To download the high res shot just go here.

Some sort of sabre toothed cat on the aircraft - wonder what her call sign will be?

I have tried to get an interview with Michelle but to no avail. I have the right contacts, but she has been hard too land so far. So I want you guys to comment on why she SHOULD give us an interview! Deal?

The attention to detail is amazing! Check out the second zoom in shot I added of her shoulder pin - looks to be made up of a few crosses with one centered in the middle. Note that it more or less matches the cross on her sewn on chest badge. Definitely flying insignia.

Can't make out too much in the cockpit itself. Serious seat and restraints! I would say that is a mission briefing handheld she is placing in the window too. Finally seeing these aerial battles after hearing so much about them will be spectacular! Here's hoping she makes it right through to the end - for that massive fight. Think she will make it?

Don't forget to comment on why she needs to give us an interview! Michelle is a kick @ss character in so many movies - she needs to fill us in on AVATAR! :-) And thank you Fox for the image! Oh and if you use this photo - please link back as I do!

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