Thursday, November 05, 2009

3D Shorts: ARABIAN KNIGHTS Are Coming AND Richard Kelly Talks 3D For New Thriller!

Jim here. Variety (via Garth @ Dark Horizons) reports that Chuck Russell (ERASER, SCORPION KING) will be directing ARABIAN KNIGHTS on a $70 million budget!

The interesting thing about this project is that it involves not one but three Eastern heroes which I am sure you have heard of: Sinbad, Aladdin and his genie. The story follows a young commander who joins forces with the trio after his king is killed in a palace coop.

"Through the use of a new generation of visual technologies, we will be able to quite literally take audiences around the world on a magic carpet ride."
Russell said.

Producers are Inferno's Bill Johnson, Mayhem Pictures' Mark Ciardi and Gordon Gray, as well as Roar's Will Ward, who manages Russell.

Could be a visual bonanza if done correctly. I will be watching this one with a close eye...No word on a Robin Williams cameo :-)


Richard Kelly (THE BOX, DONNIE DARKO) is talking 3D! Chris Eggertsen (over at Bloody Disgusting) has uncovered that Kelly is writing a new script and has 3D in mind from the get-go.

Says Kelly:
“I’m working on my new script, I’m probably on the eighth draft of it right now, and I’ve just kinda been waiting for 'The Box' to come out to see if I can get [the project] off the ground. It’s a thriller set in Manhattan in the year 2014. We hope to shoot the movie in 3-D, and part of the movie would be filmed using full CGI motion capture."

SWEET. Judging by the trailer for THE BOX I am not sure what to expect from the movie, but I will say the premise is interesting. If a talented director has an idea in mind and has been able to get it down on paper and refine it over the years - it should turn out magnificently. It is when a director lands something out of the blue with no previous thought that unsettles me occasionally.

When we hear more on these stories you will be the first to know!

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