Friday, November 20, 2009

Sony Knows The Future Of Entertainment: Stereoscopic 3D!!

Jim here. First, right off the bat you should know that all Sony Playstation 3 systems are upgradeable to S3D through a firmware update (delivered right over the Internet). That is coming VERY soon. Sony will be offering 3D tools to help developers meet the demand for stereoscopic gaming. If the XBOX 360 cannot challenge the PS3 in 3D, momentum will be switching.

Second - Sony is bringing in S3D for their Blu-ray technology and players (standards are being worked out right now for a potential Fall 2010 release) AND for their HDTVs.

Third - Sony is now suddenly a MAJOR player in theatrical digital 3D projection and plans on installing 3000 4K 3D digital projectors through agreements like this one with RealD.

Fourth - Sony is extremely active in producing stereoscopic 3D movies and will continue to do so. CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF MEATBALLS proved a great deal. SPIDER-MAN 4 will be 3D. RESIDENT EVIL: AFTERLIFE (shooting as we speak) and UNDERWORLD 4 will be 3D. And so on.

So let's review: 3D Gaming. 3D Home Entertainment. 3D Cinema Projection. 3D Movies. Yep! I would say these guys are serious!

With such a large and influential company like Sony "betting the bank" on 3D with their long and illustrous history behind them, it is very safe to say 3D is becoming part of our world. Intimately. And very soon.

Sony's goal is nothing short of "lead the 3D market"
. I would not bet against them. HD-DVD anyone? Keep it on MarketSaw for breaking news on Sony and other companies making the switch to S3D!!

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