Wednesday, February 25, 2009

RealD And Sony Partner On 4K Projector

Jim here. NOW it is making sense. A while ago I reported that Sony will be introducing a new 4K projector with a 3D adaptor and I was puzzled over the very late entry into the field - a field where there is already a clear winner in the 3D add-on realm, RealD.

Today, THR is reporting that Sony has in fact teamed up with RealD to deliver a built in 3D 4K projection system - one that is compatible with other Sony 4K resolution projectors.

It is not known whether Sony has solved the issue of being limited to screen sizes of 55 feet or less - perhaps that is why Sony has partnered with RealD, as the Beverly Hills based 3D company has solved the riddle of larger screens with their XL technology.

Originally Sony had targeted a March 2009 release of the solution.

A large competitor of Sony's in this arena will be Christie (along with Barco and NEC), who also recently announced their Brilliant3D technology that coincidentally (or more likely not) also uses RealD. In this case, they in fact use the RealD XL technology to facilitate projection on screens of up to 75 feet. Christie's 3D solution is however, limited to only 2K resolution.

This is great clarification for me. I feel much better about the progression of the 3D projection industry with this knowledge in place! Great job guys.

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