Thursday, December 03, 2009

3D Shorts: Cameron's SANCTUM To Film In Queensland * Is It Real Or CGI? * Last Night's AVATAR Feature On HBO * And SPIDER-MAN 4 Not 3D Afterall?

Jim here. Catching up on 3D news? No better place in the world than right here! Got some fast flying updates for you on multiple projects:

1. James Cameron's SANCTUM (he is executive producing) is set to shoot in Queensland, Australia at the Warner Roadshow studio on the Gold Coast. They have world class underwater facilities there (largest tank in the southern hemisphere) and you will all know just how wonderful and awe inspiring underwater S3D action is after AVATAR. Something more to look forward to now!

What's the story about? ...(the movie) is based on the real-life experience of Australian producer and co-writer, Andrew Wight, who was diving beneath the Nullarbor when a storm collapsed the entrance to the cave, trapping him and his fellow divers (from

Anything underwater with the names of James Cameron and Vince Pace is going to rock. Period. Put this one on your calendar without hesitation when it comes out.

2. Is it real or CGI? Quite the commotion has been stirred up from this little photo! Apparently a matte painter at Weta Digital has confirmed that EVERYTHING in this shot is CGI. Not one stitch of live action here, including Lang's face. And this is a SINGLE FRAME! Can you imagine how long it takes to create even a single scene with this level of detail?

I am literally stunned at the level of achievement here. Revolutionary comes to mind for so many different elements of AVATAR doesn't it? Great work guys!

3. Last Night's AVATAR Feature On HBO:
Can't complain about the media we are getting now about AVATAR, unless you think it is too much! The good thing about that is you can scale that back yourself - whereas if there was far less media around... well, you get the idea. Have a look:

Love the Navi language training! :-)

4. SPIDER-MAN 4 Not In 3D Afterall? MEN IN BLACK IS? Sony CEO Howard Stringer stuck his neck out against the tide of 3D as his company ramps 3D in just about every feasible way. While he was at an electronics company's headquarters on Thursday he elaborated (From AP): Stringer said he didn't think the next "Spider-Man" sequel would be in 3-D either, but a 3-D version of "Men in Black" was being considered. It was unclear what titles in Sony's extensive film library might be reissued in 3-D, he added.

Ok. I am shaking my head at this one. He wants to ramp up revenue but hey, take on of their top assets off the 3D scene. Does not compute. SPIDER-MAN 4 would rake in web fulls of cash in 3D and IMAX.

Obviously Stringer business sense is NOT tingling here. MEN IN BLACK makes sense though. Sony just needs to get their ducks all lined up neatly here. I am checking with my sources on this.

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