Wednesday, December 02, 2009

NVIDIA Demonstrates their 3D Ecosystem

Michael here. Yesterday I saw a demonstration of a variety of 3D products powered by Nvidia's 3D Vision technology.

1. I saw ASUS' G51J3D 15.6 inch 3D laptop. The quality of the 3D images I viewed on the 120Hz screen was as good as it gets. NVIDIA has worked with laptop manufacturers over the past year to bring 3D-capable laptops into existence. From what I saw today, their efforts have paid off. Expect many more laptop manufacturers to debut Nvidia-based 3D models soon.

2. I got to play with Fujifilm's FinePix Real 3D Camera. The camera features an autostereocopic screen and produces stunning 3D images, which I then viewed on the ASUS laptop using a 3D image viewing program utilizing Nvidia's technology.

3. Avatar The Game in 3D, running on a Viewsonic screen, powered by Nvidia. The 3D in this PC version of the game was incredibly immersive. The 3D not only created depth behind the screen plane, but scenery and objects came out in front as well. When I played I felt like I was actually exploring Pandora.

4. NVIDIA is also set to fully support the upcoming 3D Blu-ray standard. I saw a demonstration of a film clip running in 3D off a desktop computer using a mockup of the 3D Blu-ray standards, and it looked spectacular.

5. NVIDIA is working with Youtube, Flickr, Facebook, and more to enable 3D on these platforms.

Look for tons of 3D-related announcements from NVIDIA and others at CES 2010.

Thanks to Bryan and Matt from NVIDIA for taking the time to demonstrate their technology, and to Debby for arranging the meeting!

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