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6 Scenes In AVATAR That Deliver The Best Movie Ever Made!! A Perfect 10.

Jim here. Where do I begin? How about my superlatives: "PERFECT 3D - AVATAR simply pulls you into Pandora." "AVATAR is this generation's STAR WARS, but far, far better." "Cameron delivers his magnum opus". "AVATAR is easily the best movie I have ever seen." "This is a cultural event unlike any other movie in history".

**WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS** You have been warned! This post is for those of you who are on the fence (very few according to our readers poll) - if you want a pristine viewing of AVATAR do NOT read further.

For me, AVATAR breaks down into six KEY moments that were make or break. So important were these scenes that if they had failed, the whole movie would have blown up around them. There are many elements that Cameron delivered in spades for AVATAR and they were all important and contributed to this experience. However without these select scenes, they would have been all for not. Here then, is my list in order of these hits (no misses) and man did they ever hit!

1. The number one scene that affected me? Easy. Neytiri jumps through a portable lab station window and saves Jake from the atmosphere of Pandora: SPEECHLESS. I was absolutely FLOORED with what they had the audacity to attempt and the adroitness to achieve. Talk about cinematic magic. If this scene had failed in being photo real and maintaining suspension of disbelief, the whole movie would have been lost for me. Instead I was in shock. My mouth was open. My eyes were tearing up. A ten foot Navi was holding a small, frail and disabled human in her hands - simply dwarfing him AND THE EMOTION WAS THERE! She was real! I **COULD NOT** imagine this happening ever. I can often tell where a movie is going early on - but I had not allowed myself to think that this situation could occur simply because I have never seen this type of thing pulled off ever before without blowing the whole experience for me. I trusted Cameron not to ruin it. Therefore nothing like this could be in it. WRONG. It was vivid. Their love was at such a primal, deep level that crossed all sorts of boundaries that I had never considered before. STUNNING achievement.

2. Neytiri again!
This time her emotional outburst at their Navi Home Tree when she learns of Jake's original betrayal intentions. Photorealism has been achieved. Neytiri simply is. The emotion is real and the scene delivers. Without this performance, AVATAR would have lost the soul of the movie - Neytiri is vulnerable. This powerful and beautiful creature was hurt by the actions of a human and NO ONE in the theater doubted it for a second. AVATAR's characters were evolving unlike no other movie before... these creatures do not exist - yet this was real!

3. Quaritch's final AMP Suit battle: I can tell Cameron loved this one. His signature is all over it. The giant AMP Suit knife? Pure genius. It is innovative manipulation like this that will have fans coming back again and again and yet again to see this masterpiece. I know I will be. AND This scene immediately preceded my number one up above so these several combined minutes were like a gift from Santa - when I still believed. If there is any doubt as to who the master of filmmaking is, they just haven't seen AVATAR yet. Spielberg is there too of course, but Cameron always delivers. Trust is important.

4. Jake taming his Banshee. Sheer adrenaline! I felt like I was right there with him on that precipitous ledge - and when the Banshee submitted, the joy was overwhelming. If this scene's photorealism or performance had failed, so would the whole movie - because what would be the point of immersing yourself in a clearly fake world? It needs to be real and it was. Further, the whole notion of physically linking with beasts and plant life begs you to try to imagine what it would feel like to do so! This movie is all about restoring that little child in you that still wants to believe in new things the first time you see or imagine them.

5. The final battle scene - not when the Na'vi were shooting arrows at the helos, but after when they took to the air with the other clans. The immense scale of this battle is epic to say the least. There is SO much going on in any given frame that you cannot possibly absorb it all in one viewing. Superb action at it's finest. You will cheer for the Na'vi!!

6. Climbing the floating mountains:
Visually you have never seen anything like this before. An innovative idea presented in staggering proportions all while holding the grip of emotion for Jake's character as he ascends the heights. Watching that scene was like discovering Disney World for the first time as a child. I can't say this enough times - we have something new and original here that has been done flawlessly! You NEED to see this movie.

And I can't let this review go by without mentioning lighting and water. You're kidding you say? No I am not. AVATAR's lighting is impeccable. It held the movie together so undetectably that I had to remember to take note of it as often as I could. The 3D and lighting in some scenes created this immense joy of being alive - ON PANDORA. Sure it is one dangerous place, but gloriously spectacular. There were NO scenes that were too dark for 3D - something I am weary about. And the water scenes? I felt totally immersed in that water with Jake after the Thanator chase. 3D helps a great deal too of course - especially with water. Cameron and his team delivers the goods. WELL DONE.

So what could have been done better? Precious little. Sure there could have been some foundation laid about future Earth and more on the RDA corporation, but in the end it was unnecessary and made it feel that much more easier to empathize with Jake who was new to Pandora and the business world too. I will say that I think too many scenes were exposed in marketing AVATAR for my liking - but then again you CAN self police the situation and I did so. Even with that though my inner monologue was begging for new shots during those few borrowed scenes for the awareness campaign. AVATAR should be seen in pristine fashion if possible (having not seen any clips). I have very vivid memories from the movie - the 3D delivered without a doubt. Cameron told me he positions the S3D camera's convergence "where you are looking. Period." I agree - the effect is astounding and is so good you forget it is there after a short while.

I could go on and on about AVATAR.
Seriously. I could write pages. I think this is the best movie I have ever seen and frankly the best movie of all time. I am not exaggerating. The young people out there should feel a great amount of pride to "own" this movie for your generation - mine was STAR WARS. Go see AVATAR - it is your Hollywood given right. Remember this moment and share it with friends - these event movies rarely happen.

What scenes made the movie for you??

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