Saturday, December 19, 2009

Avatar Makes $27 Million on Friday! Headed for $80 Million Weekend

UPDATE 12/20/09: Michael here. According to Fox, Avatar has grossed $73 million domestically and $159.18 million internationally (not including Japan, China, Italy, Poland, Argentina, and Uruguay, in which Avatar has not yet opened), for a worldwide debut of $232.18 million. This is the highest original content (non-sequel, non-franchise) opening weekend ever.

Michael here. AVATAR has grossed $27 million on Friday from 3,452 locations, according to Fox. This number, which includes $3.5 million from midnight showings, puts Avatar on track for an $80 million weekend, which would be the best December opening weekend ever (ahead of I Am Legend's $77 million).

The heavy snow on the east coast may slow things down a bit for Saturday grosses, but the movie is so mind blowingly amazing that I am sure any lost money will be made up for shortly by positive word of mouth.

The real test will be how the movie holds during the upcoming week, and of course next weekend, when it faces Sherlock Holmes. The long window in which it will be playing on IMAX will help it's final gross tremendously, as will the lack of competition over the coming months, aside from Holmes.

I can't wait to see how Avatar does overseas too - I expect it to be huge.

What are your predictions for Avatar's final domestic and worldwide cumes?

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