Sunday, December 13, 2009

Hey Vermont! You've Got 3D!!

**UPDATE: The other Vermont 3D theaters are: Essex Outlets Cinema, which is 60.5 miles from Killington & Rutland, has a 3D screen. The Essex Outlet Cinemas is 7.9 miles from Burlington. Majestic 10, 6.9 miles from Burlington and 57.5 from Killington & Rutland, also has a 3D screen. It is within 2-3 miles of the Essex Outlets Cinema. This is clarify that Vermont has had 3D for awhile now.

Jim here. Got an excited email from a MarketSaw reader (thanks Tim!) that Vermont has its first rural 3D theater. Rutland County will be home to the screen (one of nine in the complex) which is run by Flagship Cinemas out of Cambridge, MA. The original operator was Cinema North.

The theater is scheduled to be opened on December 18 (coincidence? I think not. AVATAR!) and it is being fully renovated right down to the seats, carpets and drapes. It is essentially a new movieplex.

I love good stories like this one.
There is a special feeling in small town theaters (especially around the holidays) and hopefully Movieplex 9 retains some of it - best of luck with the launch! If you know of a small town theater going 3D - let me know!

Source: Brent Curtis, Rutland Herald

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