Sunday, December 13, 2009

Zoe and Sam Discuss AVATAR With Cameron!

Jim here. I really like how these guys put this short piece together and you should really see it: Zoe Saldana, Sam Worthington and Jim Cameron sit down and discuss AVATAR. (Hopefully there will more in a series of these! - Thanks A@ronW for the heads up)

Cameron is a master of storytelling and he really has all of his ducks lined up for Pandora. He personally designed the Thanator and heavily influenced the other creature designs, like what was originally the Banshee Ray. Of course he wrote AVATAR.

But he doesn't stop at just being an artist, writer and driving creativity. He also operates the cameras, applies makeup and of course everything else that a writer, producer and director does.

They obviously have a lot of pride in what they have accomplished and are anxious for the world to share in it...

Yes - I would imagine it would hurt if an AMP suit stepped on your foot! Kinda like what AVATAR is going to do to TWILIGHT very soon! :-)

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