Thursday, December 31, 2009

S3D Patents Taking Off!! The 3D Future is NOW

Jim here. Makes sense right? As stereoscopic 3D takes off so should the associated patents. And so they are. Take a look at the chart below (original Thomson Reuters PDF report available here via highlighting the activity over the past 2 years vs. 2003:

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Note the increase in patents in the television and photography industries - it is not all Hollywood is it? Not to downplay the domino effect Hollywood has had on 3D in any way - there was just more to learn and discover in these other spaces.

There is a huge upside to S3D and MarketSaw is right in the thick of it. When I decided to launch MarketSaw back in 2006 I knew there stood a very good chance that S3D was going to take off around the time of James Cameron's AVATAR - I bet the bank as it were. Not a bad gamble when you consider he does hold the modern box office record with TITANIC. Still, it was a bit of a leap and many questioned it - I was just repeating the phrase "we shall see". And now we are :-) If I had a penny for every "gimmick" comment I have heard... lol!

One obvious patent area not highlighted by this Thomson Reuters report is computing. Apple has been extremely active in this space and recently augmented their past patent filings with this one revolving around tracking "the location of a user and adjust a 3D display according to their position, creating the illusion that an on-screen object is physically present." (Thanks Joanna!). Steve Jobs knows what he is doing - no question. This is just another example of his vision. These patents will draw the user right into the screen intuitively!

Stereoscopic 3D is here to stay folks!
I bet the bank on it and the fruits of the labor started over 3 years ago are now coming in. Glad you can share the journey with us!! It will be a pleasure to bring you all the exciting developments taking place in 3D over the coming years. Take January's CES in Las Vegas coming up - it will be packed to the rafters with innovations like S3DHD televisions!! Can't wait. Stay tuned!

And to whoever bought - congratulations on the wise purchase! ;-)
Makes me want to run out and buy, and oh wait a minute...

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