Thursday, December 11, 2008

Apple Working On 3D Desktop for Future Version Of OS X!

WOW. Now this will be a stunning desktop environment if it ever comes to fruition! Take a look at what Steve Jobs and company have planned for their OS X operating system: A "Multi-Dimensional Desktop". And does it ever look stunning, even in black and white drawings - you can just imagine what that would look like with the Mac colors going on. Mmmm Mm.

Here is some of what AppleInsider had to say about the Patent Office filings:
"Generally speaking, the filings depict a 3D interface by which side walls, a top, and a floor all protrude from a back surface that resembles today's two-dimensional Mac OS X desktop. A few examples also suggest a radical departure from traditional interface design by which the Mac OS X menubar would be removed from the top of the screen and thrown into a stack or floating element.

Apple portrays an exemplary multidimensional desktop environment that includes a back surface like today's traditional two-dimensional desktop environment, which includes the Mac OS X menu bar and desktop surface. Protruding from this surface would be one or more side surfaces capable of housing object receptacles, including a "floor" that would contain the Mac OS X Dock and icon stacks positioned in the background. Other side surfaces would intersect with the floor, forming a three-dimensional box, though Apple says a "top" surface may not always be necessary.

The 3D icon stacks in the multi-dimensional Finder would fan outwards as they do in today's version of the Mac OS X but would not necessarily be tied to a linear path. They could instead fan in a three-dimensional arch towards a central region of the display, producing the perception of depth."

Be sure to see all the diagrams here!

Isn't that breathtaking? Thanks to Tim for sending me that heads up! Man, I love Apple enough already, but with the continued innovation that they churn out seemingly without effort - get me some of that stock NOW. :-P stereoscopic 3D desktops. Why isn't Microsoft doing this? Maybe they are...

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