Wednesday, January 06, 2010

CES 2010: Panasonic & Samsung Unveil 3DTV Lineups!

Hi, Michael here at CES 2010. 3D is obviously THE big thing at the show this year. I just got out of the Samsung and Panasonic press conferences, and both made 3D a big - if not the biggest - part of their presentations.

left: a banner promoting Samsungs 3D LED TVs.


Samsung brought out Jeffrey Katzenberg, whose Dreamworks Animation is partnering with Samsung (along with Technicolor) to bring out a 3D Blu-ray of Monsters Vs. Aliens later this year. He said that we "stand at a watershed moment for the entire 3D industry." He's certainly right about that!

Samsung plans to introduce a comprehensive lineup of 3DTVs, including full HD, shutter glasses-based 3D-capable LED, Plasma, and LCD TVs. It is also bringing out its own 3D Blu-ray players. It touted its 3D tech as having "the slimmest screens" and "the deepest 3D." The 3D LED's (models 9000, 8000, and 7000) are less than 0.3 inches thick (less than the width of a pencil). Their 3D plasma will be 1.4 inches.

Samsung's tech also includes a processor which will convert 2D to 3D in real time. The speaker said that converted material will help tide us over until there is plenty of S3D content to fill its screens.


Panasonic unveiled their new 65, 58, 54, and 50 inch 3D, shutter-glasses-based, full HD Viera Plasma televisions. These televisions have been built from the ground up to provide the best possible 1080P-per-eye 3D image. Panasonic has shortened the luminescence time for each pixel using fast-decay phosphors so that there is no crosstalk between frames. The brightness level has been increased to make up for this reduced display time.

Shutter glasses will come packaged with each 3D Viera TV.

Panasonic also announced the PP-BDT350 3D Blu-ray player, which incorporates HDMI 1.4 technology. According to Panasonic, HDMI 1.4 is required for Full HD per-eye 3D viewing.

Jon Landau spoke about the benefits of 3D (and asked everyone to go see Avatar). Watch below:

Tomorrow the main show floor opens. Stay tuned to MarketSaw for the very latest S3D news from CES 2010!

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