Tuesday, January 26, 2010

EXCLUSIVE CONFIRMED! Warner Bros Will Announce Three 3D Movies That Are Currently 2D - Two Are Major Tentpoles!

**ANOTHER SAME DAY UPDATE: Did HEAT VISION try to steal my thunder? See the photo showing our post times - I am clearly ahead of them with the Warner news. Don't know for sure if they tried to act fast to cover up the fact I beat them or not. I certainly hope they didn't do that on purpose (click to enlarge).

**SAME DAY UPDATE: Count this one as CONFIRMED!
THR's Heat Vision Blog has confirmed that not only will CLASH OF THE TITANS be in S3D, but so will BOTH HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOW movies!

Accordingly, TITANS has been pushed back one week to April 2. The conversion is now only costing a mere $5 million to achieve per movie. That is nothing compared to the upside.

Jim here. I have to say I love this rumor and you heard it here first guys! Warner Bros is apparently going to announce before the END OF THIS WEEK that three of their current roster of 2D movies will become 3D movies!

This comes from a new source for us with whom I have dealt only once before. Here's hoping! Anyway, we will know soon if I can trust this guy :-)

I am assuming that one of them will be CLASH OF THE TITANS as you heard here on January 16. The stereo testing for TITANS went amazingly well.

Man oh man I hope the other is INCEPTION should this come to pass. :-) What do you think?

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