Tuesday, February 23, 2010

AVATAR 2: Early Rumblings And Yes, Cameron Is Directing

Jim here. I have been hearing more and more about AVATAR 2 and the direction that Cameron wants to take it from one of my best sources.

Yes, Cameron will be directing. There is obviously some posturing going on to position the sides for the upcoming negotiations regarding the projects. Don't think for a second he will let anyone else water down this franchise like what happened to TERMINATOR.

So what have I heard about AVATAR 2? We are going to be seeing a great deal more future Earth in 2 and 3 - especially AVATAR 2. The extended edition for AVATAR will help set this up for us, but there are also key elements from the original movie that will do so as well of course.

My source is in a hard place right now as the information he/she has is "very spoilery" and may even turn out to be inaccurate in some places when actual production starts down the road. What he does say is: "It is not what you may expect". It will be similar yet very different with the same main characters. Not everything is as it seems in that system (Polyphemus).

Of course keep in mind the elements of war that we posted exclusively a few weeks back! And of course that other moons will be involved, not just Pandora. Again, a MarketSaw exclusive - a full month before the LA Times ran their story.

Our source promises more soon. He/she really only wants to give us information that will most likely happen. That's what I love about my top sources - they are essentially just like us! We love movies and how they are made. We appreciate creative talent!

Stay tuned...

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