Tuesday, February 02, 2010

AVATAR DVD by June 30; will NOT be 3D. Plus Murdoch Confirms Our Avatar 2 Scoop!

Michael here. Our exclusive that James Cameron is under immense pressure to make Avatar 2 has been confirmed by News Corp head Rupert Murdoch himself.

On a quarterly earnings call, Murdoch said the conglomerate is having "very early talks about it", Cameron "has ideas about it" and that they "will be pushing one."

But he cautioned analysts not to "hold your breath for an early one." This jives with the comment from our source that said it would be "within 4 years"

The DVD (and also the Blu-ray I presume) will be released by June 30. However, Murdoch stated that it would not be a 3D DVD release because that technology is not developed enough yet. News Corp president Chase Carey added that a 3D release could happen further "down the road."

I don't think it makes much sense to NOT author the first Avatar Blu-ray in 3D. The Avatar Blu-ray is a huge event, and would be a perfect venue for Fox to unleash their first 3D disk. And it wouldn't hurt those without the 3D equipment, since the 3D standards require that 3D discs be playable in 2D if the user does not have a 3D Blu-ray player and 3DTV. And from everything I've heard, the technology is ready. Jeffrey Katzenberg promised at CES that he would be bringing out a 3D Blu-ray of Monsters Vs. Aliens later this year. Perhaps Murdoch and Carey got it wrong?

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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