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The TOP TEN Of 2010! Jim's S3D Movie Guide...

Jim here. Here is my 2010 S3D Movies Guide for you! I waited a while to ensure I captured all the recent S3D conversion announcements!

Here are my most anticipated S3D movies for 2010:

1. TRON LEGACY - Ok guys, I think this movie is the real deal. It has the budget, an existing fan base and comes from a quality S3D shop so my hopes are high. Word from my sources is the S3D in TRON LEGACY rivals AVATAR's. So if the story is half good, we should be in for a wickedly good time! More when I get it.
2. HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS P1 - When Warner confirmed our scoop about which tentpoles will be converted to 3D, I was thrilled to hear one of them was HP. S3D is perfect for this movie series and too bad we had to wait until the last book to fully experience it! I think the wait will be worth it though, and here's hoping that the conversion is done with care and artistry.
3. ALICE IN WONDERLAND - Yes, another conversion. I have not seen how much the tech has progressed since last year, but one would assume leaps have been made. Again, this is a Disney property and as such, the S3D should be of top caliber. In my opinion, Tim Burton has the mind to capture a great representation of the classic children's tale. Can the conversion hold up to the scrutiny? We will see soon enough. I am looking forward to seeing Depp tackle yet another "un-tackle-able" character and do so marvelously.
4. YOGI BEAR - This may be the surprise of the year and I am calling it my dark horse selection. I think the upside for this movie is tremendous and I am really looking forward to it. The only stumbling block is that it is being released on the same day as TRON LEGACY. Hopefully the 3D screen situation has been corrected enough to allow two concurrent wide releases. Keep an eye on this one! Look for more info coming soon...
5. HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON - Another favorite of mine that may become victim of the 3D screen shortage. It will be fighting with ALICE and TITANS for screens soon and that is not good for anyone. My feeling is that DRAGON will be similar in appeal to KUNG FU PANDA last year, but with additional 3D premium box office. It will be a good movie - you can count on it.
6. TOY STORY 3 - Guys, this could be higher in the list but I am failing to get a good grasp on what to expect from Pixar this time around. Sure, it is a proven franchise with top notch characters, but what are they doing differently? Will it be the same old, same old? I expect a great story from them, don't get me wrong. But will the experience be that much more than TS 1 & 2? I hope so. Right now, I am looking forward to CARS 2 (next summer) much more than TOY STORY 3.
7. CLASH OF THE TITANS - Now this is VERY interesting! A S3D conversion done in the knick of time to capture more box office and improve the story immersion. We will see VERY soon just how successful Warner Bros will be with this decision. Personally, I think it is the right decision but a little late. My fingers are crossed that they chose the right conversion company and that the dollars are being spent to do this right. The visuals are SPECTACULAR! I just don't know about the story. TITANS could wind up moving up in my list, but I just can't justify a higher rating right now before seeing the conversion either.
8. SHREK FOREVER AFTER - This movie is bound to EXPLODE at the box office. Seriously. But I can't say as though I am dying to see it either. The world can't get enough Shrek, and the power of the franchise + 3D premiums will send it to the box office stratosphere. But personally I rank Shrek at 8 because, well, there are 7 other movies I would rather see this year. It is as simple as that.
9. SAW VII - The last SAW was a disappointment. I think S3D is EXACTLY what the doctor ordered to revive the franchise and if it is done correctly could really turn 3D horror on its disembodied head. There is an HUGE opportunity here for Lionsgate. I see this becoming the must see for Halloween this fall, no question.
10. MEGAMIND - Dreamworks Animation may have fooled me on this one! It could be higher on my list, but it is not getting the attention that DRAGONS and SHREK are getting this year. Definitely a top ten selection, but I can't move it higher just now.

Honorable Mention (in no order):
STEP UP 3-D - A nice fanbase for this genre movie will pick up more with the S3D.
ALPHA AND OMEGA - A great voice cast helps out this first venture (of a three pic deal) between Lionsgate and an Indian based animation company (Crest Animation Studios).
CATS & DOGS: THE REVENGE OF KITTY GALORE (Jul 30) - Families will drive box office for this movie; there will be plenty who cannot resist the cat and dog antics of this live action comedy.
GUARDIANS OF GA'HOOLE (Sep 24) - Some distinguished voices in this cast (Hugo Weaving, Helen Mirren, Geoffrey Rush and Sam Neill) will help propel this animation.
THE LEGEND OF SPYRO (Oct 25) - Another dragon focused animation for 2010. It will not do HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON numbers, but will certainly hold its own.
RAPUNZEL (Nov 24) A classic Disney tale told through S3D animation. This fairy tale's history alone should be enough alone to capture the hearts of audiences everywhere.

Could Be In Trouble:
PIRANHA 3-D (Aug 27) - I was really anticipating this movie! I hate to break this to you but I am not hearing good things about this production. I am a huge Alexandre Aja fan so I detest what I am hearing, but the word is that it is campy and the S3D is not up to par. However, I am speaking through the words of others so I am respectfully waiting to see it myself and review it. Until then, I hope this conversion is up to at least par - I would hate to see S3D get a bad name because of a shoddy effort. You know?

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