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TRON LEGACY Trailer Screened: Event Did Not Live Up To Expectations...

Jim here. Unfortunately it sounds as though Disney's TRON LEGACY event at various cities was a let down. Many were expecting an AVATAR Day type event where there was a significant chunk of footage shown. Instead it was a new trailer, but with some previously seen material. And a t-shirt.

Keep in mind however that this is NOT speaking of the quality of the movie which seemed to all to be top notch!

The trailer was not quite two minutes long
according to some fans (others say 2.5 minutes) and not worth the wait. It was only screened ONCE. They had to check their electronics at the door and many shook their heads as to why after the event. One complained he spent more time in the line up to retrieve his cellphone than watching the trailer!

Here are some first hand reports exclusive to MarketSaw:
clogwyn wrote:

Just got back from the London (UK) IMAX screening..... We waited for over half an hour past the screening til 2pm...everyone very excited to see new footage etc. Were itold how lucky we were and that we were privileged to be the first audience worldwide to see this...and then they showed a 2 min trailer that I have already read about on this site or others (flynns son, visits flynn's arcade, finds den behind tron machine, gets zapped into teh system, then lots of quick shots of key characters and a few lightcycles racing, then coming soon title - thats pretty much it. Either something technical screwed up and they couldn't show us the supposed preview scenes from the movie (we were expecting around 10-15mins for our trouble, such as Avatar Day?) or that was it, just the trailer. Audience was confused / p*ssed off and left, no cheers, whoops or anything. Be very interested to see what NY and LA get. If the same treatment then I think Disney are treating a loyal Tron fanbase like muppets.


Paul wrote:

Basically It was alot of hype for the trailer that WILL BE ON ALICE AND WONDERLAND NEXT WEEK. Like don't get me wrong, it was a great trailer. But it wasn't even two minutes. Starts out with Flynn's son. They say they got a call from the old arcade that has been closed for a long time. He goes to the tron machine. Gets through the secret passage way. Gets zapped in to the computer (we don't see it) then we get a bunch of great pics of the video game world. Definitely stuff to get excited at. I honestly don't feel the need to go into that much detail. Great images that will be better seen rather than written about. Is it as mind blowing as AVATAR. Not really simply because the world of AVATAR is so exspansive and inventive. But I also think with this trailer they are playing it close to the chest here. But then the trailer ended and that was it. Do we get a glimpse of the light cycles. Yes two very short very cool shots. Any DAFT PUNK? Nothing that I could really tell. I will say this though Olivia Wilde looks great in her suit. It also looks to not be related to the TR2N script that is floating around the internet. I read the first 20 pages and there doesn't seem to be any relation to that script (which is good) People traveled far to see this. I don't know if it was only for the screening, but a fan said he was from Toronto and another from Boston. ALL FOR A TRAILER THAT WILL BE ONLINE IN A WEEK. It was really indignant of them to play this event like it was something more. Checking cell phones at the door?! It was in 3d IMAX what could they have filmed? An insanely blurry image? Afterwards there was a mob of people trying to get their phones It was utter chaos. I spent more time in line for my cell phone than I did the trailer. I walked up to the studio representatives and told them how disappointed the fans were at the event. They thought it had been clear it was just the trailer. But no where in the sign up stuff did it say that. We cheered to have it shown again but there was nothing. They herded us out. I did get a 'Flynn Lives' t-shirt which was cool. But overall an insane disappointment in fandom. If you are going to put that much work at least show SOMETHING else besides a trailer. Don't feel like any of you missed out. Cause you didn't.


kevinC wrote, in response to clogwyn:

Just got back from the ny was the same footage which was just the new trailer...i disagree though and thought the trailer was pretty good ...seeing flynn prepared for battle looking 20 years younger than he is was pretty cool...i dunno if it was a digital recreation of him or what ala arnold in terminator salvation but he didnt look like some old man looking to fight...the lightcycles looked amazing and the faithfullness to the original is apparent and the visuals to me looked oustanding....seeing it at lincoln square on one of the biggest screens in the world definitely makes a difference though...the crowd here i believe was impressed with what was shown but dissapointed at the length of the footage shown....but taken at face value the footage itself ...i thought it was pretty damn good and am excited for the movie...but i do agree that going all the way to a theatre to see 2 and half minutes is absolutely ridiculous even if we did get a flynn lives t -shirt along with it.

So mixed results, but mainly disappointing. I did not see the trailer so I can't comment on the content at all, but it sounds as though it could be worthwhile if I were seeing another movie right afterward. And, of course - I love a good t-shirt just like the next guy :-)

Could have been handled better by Disney Marketing though.
Not sure why they wanted this viral. Hopefully there are much bigger and better things planned in the coming months. They have to be careful though - if you cry wolf too many times, audiences may not show up for the real deal! :-) Just sayin'.

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