Saturday, February 13, 2010

World's First Fashion Show In 3D Happened Last Night

Jim here. Contrary to some reports that the Burberry event will be the world's first S3D fashion show, we are here to set the record straight. :-)

Last night at New York's Pier 59 Studios, Native Sons Designs (Men's fashion, LA based), McManus Studios and Element3 Digital presented the first ever 3D fashion show. How? They had models showing off new designs while projecting a RealD image on a screen and syncing a feed to three S3D televisions at the same time.

Over 300 people watched the successful spectacle unfold. Designer Kyle Fitzgibbons said: “The idea for a 3-D event came as i was looking into inspiration for the seasons collection, the thought of displaying modern fashion in such a modern medium fascinated me. With all of the recent development in the 3-D arena, the possibility of creating a product that guests could experience and interact with was within arms reach. Thanks to the help of director Eric Ray Davidson and the expertise of More Media Productions and 3-D Film Production company Element 3 Digital, the dream came to life. The installation will feature Live-Action 3-D projected in RealD with live models that will allow the industries top editors and buyers to experience a brand and a concept in a completely new and refreshing way.”

Element3 Digital is a 3-D production company founded by filmmakers Erik Spicard and Vic Love. Specializing in all areas of 3-D content creation, from concept to shooting, to post and presentation.

Sounds like it was a great event.
I love innovative, independent S3D filmmaking and hope to see more such events popping up everywhere!

Photos courtesy of New York Times/Eric Ray Davidso

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