Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The SMAUG Clears! More Ammo Behind MarketSaw's Exclusive: THE HOBBIT Will Be In 3D

Jim here. Finally other sources are coming out of the woodwork claiming that Guillermo del Toro's THE HOBBIT will be in 3D ( via TORn). Excitement is mounting in advance of the official announcement that we all know at MarketSaw WILL be coming.

Of course we have had this excitement for years now. Stereoscopic 3D was ALWAYS the preferred format for the movie from Peter Jackson's perspective. Sure Weta or Wingnut spokesmen may claim otherwise to preserve their decision as being fresh news but that does not cover the facts here. MarketSaw put our reputation on the line many, many times on this exclusive morsel of news. We put up with naysayers bashing the information, and even fellow movie bloggers felt anger in having to report on our story thinking that it wasn't true. Some tried to prove it wrong.

In the end, vindication will be sweet. It is because we have the BEST sources in the world - sources that care deeply about their work and about the movies. I am proud to have them on our side.

THE HOBBIT will be GORGEOUS in 3D. Just the sweeping vistas of New Zealand / Middle-earth alone will be mesmerizing!! Throw in a healthy measure of SMAUG and we have an epic adventure befitting the Tolkien masterpiece.

Ian McKellan (Gandalf) further reveals that THE HOBBIT will begin shooting in June!

Needless to say we are anxious to get started on reporting further exclusives from inside the production! And TRUST ME, those scoops are coming. Keep it on MarketSaw for breaking news on all things Hobbit.

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