Sunday, March 21, 2010

Warner Bros. Letting It Ride On 3D: FINAL DESTINATION, DC Comics Library, ALL Major Tentpoles In Fact!!

Jim here. Vegas is all about having the kahunas to bet big and Warner Bros. was in the right town for their gung ho announcement at ShoWest.

Alan Horn (Warner Bros head) gushed about 3D almost as much as we do right here! It was a pleasure to listen to him pontificate about it. Michael and I were practically high fiving every few seconds (ok not really, but MENTALLY we were).

So what properties are Warner Bros considering for next gen 3D catalog? How about ALL OF THEIR TENTPOLES? Yes. He said that. Remember that I predicted that a major studio would go all S3D a while back? Well... this is darn close. He also indicated that they will be replacing the cash cow HARRY POTTER with the DC Comic catalog.

Individually we are looking at: THE GREEN LANTERN, THE FLASH, potentially BATMAN, SUPERMAN... and...

The fourth iteration of FINAL DESTINATION was not all that final! So says Alan Horn. FINAL DESTINATION 5 will be reaping more lives very soon. I am all for this announcement too. There are plenty of folks out there that will speak out against the franchise, but I for one - LOVE them. Bring it on.

You know what guys?
I was actually expecting Disney to be the first studio to up the ante and say that all of their movies will be in 3D from now on. Warner Bros. really surprised me - but am I happy? Darn right. And at the rate these guys make money - it will only mushroom from here in 3D. :-)

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