Sunday, March 21, 2010

3D Geek Alert: First Batch Of Panasonic S3DHD TVs Sell Out

Jim here. Not surprising and not really something to laud about because we simply do not know how many were actually bought yet - BUT - all of Panasonic's S3DHD TVs were sold out in the first week of release this month.

They were sold in bundles which is good because everyone loves a good combo. $2900 got you a 50" S3DHD Plasma, 3D Blu-ray Player and one pair of 3D glasses.

Look for increased sales of the systems throughout the year
, especially when the 3D AVATAR Blu-ray comes out (hopefully in November, in time for the holidays).

It won't hurt the ratings or 3D TV sales when The Masters is televised in S3DHD - complete with the infamous return to golf for Mr. Tiger Woods this April 5-11, 2010.

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