Monday, April 12, 2010

Exclusive Info: Hold Your Breath - THE DIVE Will Be Up Next!!

Jim here. According to one of my sources it is looking like a foregone conclusion that THE DIVE will be Jim Cameron's next directorial project. We were speculating that there would be time and sufficient will to get AVATAR 2 out there as his next movie, but obviously that is going to be a very complex film and the estimate for its release is in the 3.5 years range.

Cameron is also producing SANCTUM.

So what about THE DIVE?
It will be an exciting piece of work. I have learned that a particular company (I am not naming names at this point) has secured business to produce set pieces for the movie using what sounds to be a 3D prototype system. How is that done? You create a 3D model with a CAD program, feed the information into this machine and it spits out a prototype quality item - great for movie props!

Further, it seems Jon Landau is the man pulling the trigger on these deals - so it IS happening right now.

THE DIVE is based on a true story of a Cuban free diver Francisco "Pipin" Ferreras and his love affair with a French woman - Audrey Mestre. Mestre perishes while in competition after being trained by her lover.

IVE is going to be a spectacular movie! It should be the pinnacle of everything that Cameron has achieved with underwater work in his career because now he is using 3D. Yes, THE ABYSS was a staggering accomplishment, but I look for realism, elegance and of course that relationship between Pipin and Audrey to be front and center.

Cameron told me that THE DIVE would most likely be the next movie - this information underscores it! We also have photos from 2003 that Cameron took while planning for the movie.

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