Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Recent Sony 4K Projector Installations Pushing Not Only 3D Movies, But 3D Sports, Concerts and Gaming!

Jim here. Here is an update on how Sony is doing with their 4K digital projector installations and associated RealD 3D deployments. Muvico Theaters, Uptown Entertainment and Wildwood theaters have installed the systems and couldn't be more thrilled. Each are looking for premium entertainment experiences for their customers and it seems that Sony has fit the need. And as you'll read, it is not only about the movies:

Muvico Theaters (whose motto is "Drink, Dine and Watch") now has 89 screens outfitted with Sony 4K projectors, of which 17 are RealD enabled for 3D. Further, Muvico has partnered with Sony for alternative content programs which I have been a huge advocate of since day one - especially for S3D). We are talking in-theater gaming with Sony's PlayStation and special live broadcast events like concerts. Muvico Theaters has reserved seating for patrons 21 years and older with complementary popcorn, and a restaurant / bar to utilize during your night out.

Uptown Entertainment (owned by the Ilitch family of Little Caesar's and Detroit Tigers fame) has moved to Sony 4K on an initial 19 screens of which several will be upgraded to Real D 3D. Again they are not only into movies, but also sporting events or music concerts.

Wildwood Theaters is going Sony 4K digital almost across the board, albeit with a smaller number of screens. 20 of their 26 screens are now Sony 4K of which 4 will be RealD 3D.

Sony has what's called their Digital Cinema Solutions and Services group that will work with theater owners on the integration, installation, maintenance and service support for its 4K conversion, providing the exhibitor with a complete turn-key solution for converting to digital technology. The solution covers not only movies, but the all important alternative programming discussed earlier.

Sony 4K projectors offer 8.8 million pixels
and are the industry leaders for digital projection from what I have seen. The difference between 2K and 4K is staggering and you really do need the extra resolution for 3D movies and events. You can tell the difference immediately.

Alternative programming should allow theater owners to reduce screen downtime dramatically. With creative local managers, these facilities should be raking in revenue morning, afternoon and night.

Digital projection is the future of cinema and Sony has a heckuva offering.
I will have more notable developments in the digital 3D projection world as they happen.

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