Saturday, April 24, 2010

Ridley Scott Confirms ALIEN Prequel To Be Shot In Native 3D!! *AND* There Will Be TWO Prequels!!!

**SAME DAY UPDATE: From Collider once again - The other big news from the interview is he said he’s developing two Alien prequels! When asked if he was going to shoot both together, he said, “at the moment I’m just trying to get the first one out.”

Jim here. Perfect!! The man himself, Ridley Scott, has confirmed to Steve @ Collider that the ALIEN prequel will definitely be shot in 3D and that he will be using the most advanced 3D cameras on the planet. Twice as effective as the ones used on AVATAR as Cameron's technology has evolved since then.

Scott's main concern is lighting because the ALIEN franchise is very dark and shadowy.
As you may know, projecting 3D cuts the light effectively in half as 50% of the light goes to each eye, but not at the same time. James Cameron had some similar issues with AVATAR and spent a lot of time on evening out the lighting throughout the movie and it paid off. Look for the same effort from Ridley on ALIEN.

The ALIEN prequel script is in its fourth draft right now! Don't forget to read more from Ridley Scott here.

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