Monday, April 26, 2010

RealD Releases An On-Set iPhone App For 3D Filmmakers

Jim here. RealD has released what seems to be a pretty useful tool for filmmakers wanting to jump into stereoscopic 3D. It is built for the Apple iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad and according to PR Newswire it will allow stereographers to save time and money by calculating parallax and separation in planning stereo 3D depth, optimal camera rig locations and lens configuration.

RealD Professional Stereo3D Calculator features include:
- Parallax - know the depth of a shot by seeing the actual positive and negative parallax values at any distance with the subject in focus.
- Separation - learn how various objects in each shot will affect the on-screen image quality based on separation and distance from the cameras (includes "Maximum Positive On-Screen Offset").
- Lens - determine the appropriate lens or zoom to achieve the desired 3D effect
- Shooting style - choose "Converged" or "Parallel" style to customize shots and plan post-production workflow.
- Camera Setup - set camera model, lens type and interaxial range; test real shots with interactive shot settings and quickly rearrange the setup real-time.
- Stereo Solver™ Mode gives the exact settings needed to accomplish any shot while ensuring far objects' parallax never goes over defined maximum on-screen offset.
- S3D Calculator Mode functions as a pure 3D reference calculator with interactive value tables.

"Shooting in 3D is an art form, one that can be challenging not only for novices but experienced professionals as well given the calculations needed to create an effective and comfortable 3D visual," said Joshua Greer, President of RealD. "This Calculator takes away the guesswork involved in shooting in 3D, helping ensure the best configured rigs are in place for each shot and maximizing on-set efficiency."

"With this app, a filmmaker can remain focused on creating powerful and compelling 3D instead of getting lost in the angles, geometry and optics behind it," added Ken Schafer, President and Lead Program Architect at Innoventive Software (FrameForge Previz Studio).

The app is called the "RealD Professional Stereo3D Calculator" and it is available from iTunes for $299.99.

Once I get some reviews on this new on-set application from my stereographer friends I will be sure to post them - or read the comments as they often will post their thoughts.

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