Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Michael Fassbender Taking Up Villainy In SPIDER-MAN 3D?

I don't usually like to post on casting rumors as my thing is mainly the creativity behind projects. However (and this is a big however), this is SPIDER-MAN.

SPIDER-MAN has been and always will be my favorite of all the super heroes.
It has resonated with me since the early cartoons on TV - you know the ones that actually shared content with ROCKET ROBIN HOOD (which I think would make a darn good 3D live action adaptation!). So ANY decision made about the project and I am instantly tuned in. Even rumors.

Here is one such rumor (Showbiz 411): Michael Fassbender (INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS) is apparently in the midst of a delicious dilemma. It seems Marvel is after him for two different roles - Young Magneto in X MEN: FIRST CLASS -or- playing a villain in the upcoming SPIDER-MAN reboot (in 3D). As these projects are with different studios (Fox and Columbia respectively) it seems he cannot do both.

I am hoping he bites into the villain role because I love his acting chops and SPIDER-MAN would benefit immensely. I have heard many different opinions on what villain he should play, but as for me I still want The Lizard in this movie. My vote is for Dr. Curt Connors. Who do you think he should play if he indeed does sign on?

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