Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Ridley Scott On 3D Conversion And Michael Bay

I have to say Quint over at AICN got some very interesting 3D news out of Sir Ridley Scott in a short 6 minutes about his upcoming prequel to ALIEN. My hat goes off to him! :-)

As you know, Scott is shooting his ALIEN prequels in native 3D.

So lets go into the details from the interview. Ridley Scott is an advocate of 3D conversion - good conversion obviously. Scott says: "I’ve heard now that audiences object if it’s not purely 3D, if it’s 2D to 3D. I could show you 2D to 3D and you wouldn’t know the difference. But when they’re told it’s 2D to 3D they say, “Fuck that, man! I’m paying another four dollars…” It’s about money, of course, but you’re still paying for the effect. Really, it’s very close. 2D to 3D is awfully close."

Quint is NOT speaking for all of us though, when he tells Scott that there are technical limitations of filming a movie in 3D - specifically lighting. Scott's reply? Hogwash. And it is true. If you tackle it correctly (as Scott is doing - he will be capturing as much digital information as possible and tackling lighting in post), then you have nothing to fear.

Here is some more good news from Scott:
Michael Bay is indeed shooting TRANSFORMERS 3 in native 3D! Here is his comment which I construe as being that Bay is filming in native: "I was told it was going to slow us down… it didn’t slow (Michael) Bay down. Bay is moving like lightning. Once he realized, “Oh, Jesus… there’s no difference, really. Except I’m adding dimension.”

Personally I would have asked about the cameras Scott is using and what stereoscopic team, if any, is he bringing on board to assist, etc. But hey, it wasn't my interview. Glad he got in what he got in.

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