Sunday, August 01, 2010

The Future Of 3D Home Theater: LaserTV! Mitsubishi's 75-LT1 Being Released In Japan This Month

As far as I am concerned, Laser TV is the future of 3D home entertainment - and the price will get lower as time goes by. The Mitsubishi 75-LT1 is being released on August 21 in Japan for the rather hefty price tag of $8500.

So what makes it so great?
Other than it's impressive size which is 75 inches and resolution (1920x1080), it utilizes the company's Laser TV technology. The lasers DOUBLE the color range of what is found on a normal HDTV and at the same time using about a quarter of what current TVs use in power consumption. LCDs and Plasmas can only reproduce about 40% of the colors a human eye can see, while a Laser TV can reproduce 90%. Further, that color intensity lasts for the life of the TV while others technologies don't. Laser TVs are typically about half the weight of LCDs and Plasmas too.

Two pairs of active shutter 3D glasses are included in the price.

The 75-LT1 also comes with a built-in BS.110/CS digital TV Tuner, 5x HDMI inputs and 1x HDMI output, 1x D-Sub port, built-in 2x 10Watts speakers and 3x S-Video ports.

Sounds stunning to me! Would love to try out one of these things... Mitsubishi, send me an email will you? I want to review!! :-) Will let you know about North American availability ASAP.

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