Thursday, October 28, 2010

Cameron To Shoot AVATAR 2 And 3 At 48 Plus Frames Per Second? Or Higher??

Interesting information coming out of the Churchill Club meeting last night where James Cameron and Google's CEO Eric Schmidt talked about 3D movies and his upcoming sequels AVATAR 2 & 3.

Interesting in that Cameron may be finally delivering on a technology that he has long held dear to his heart - higher frame rates for movies! Yes, he is now talking about the real possibility of shooting the AVATAR sequels at 48 frames per second or higher (60fps+?) which is at least double the standard of 24fps for today's movies.

However this is NOT breaking news as our own Michael Stat asked Cameron about this very topic back in December of last year.

Technically Cameron says that the higher frame rate "helps reduce or eliminate motion artifacts. Another area of focus will be perfecting virtual water effects — light streaming into the depths of the ocean, and the shimmering, wavy surface being just a few examples." (StarkInsider)

Have a look at some of the conversation below:

Christopher Nolan said something about using new technology for BATMAN 3
and I suppose that could actually be higher framerates. Interesting if he does in fact adopt James Cameron's vision for that future of movies as he is kind of lagging on the 3D front ;-)

All the power to Cameron and his team!
I would love to see this come to fruition and I know Michael Stat would too. Bring it on!!

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