Thursday, November 25, 2010

Sony Developing Over 20 3D Games And Over 50 3D Games In Total To Hit PS3 Soon!

You may not have heard Mick Hocking's name before, but consider yourself informed! SCEE Director Mick Hocking has some very key words to say about Sony and their cutting edge 3D involvement in advance of DEVELOP taking place in Liverpool.

Hocking says they have over 20 S3D games under development within Sony itself and a huge 50+ titles in total, including external 3D gaming developers.

We'll have those title names and more in the coming weeks and months!
While Microsoft continues to practically ignore the marketing of anything 3D for their XBOX, Sony is taking the worldwide reigns for console gaming...

Stay tuned for more developments once the DEVELOP conference ends and of course the upcoming SPIKE 2010 Video Game Awards on December 11. Looks like there will be at least 10 world premiere gaming announcements made during the awards via trailers. Exciting times in stereoscopic 3D gaming!! Thanks Adam for the heads up!

Source: Develop

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