Thursday, November 25, 2010

TANGLED Angles Into Hallows Gold! Almost $12 Million Worth Wednesday!!

Disney's TANGLED, which I thoroughly endorse by the way, surprisingly almost overtook HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS within days of the latter's opening, and not because HP was performing poorly!

No, you see TANGLED has 3D premium pricing folks. HP is unfortunately missing out on that - at least for Part One. And it is definitely worth the extra money to see TANGLED in stunning three dimensions. Disney has done it again. I knew months ago that their stylistic treatment of the TANGLED universe with World of Warcraft type rounded edges and coloring will make for a very pleasing backdrop for their story. And Disney did not disappoint with the story either.

TANGLED took in an estimated $11.6 million Wednesday alone
and it could comb out an amazing $60 million over the Thanksgiving weekend. Do yourself a favor, check this thing out. It's tons of fun.

TANGLED is in theaters NOW. Click here for all of our coverage.

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