Friday, January 07, 2011


**WARNING: SOME SPOILERS! Don't read further if you want a pristine viewing experience of THE HOBBIT when it is released.

Yes, Elijah Wood will be in THE HOBBIT and logically so. Obviously he is not part of the main story as he simply does exist during those times, but he IS in the movie - as BOOKENDS. Wood will experience THE HOBBIT as audiences will; as being told from reading the 'Red Book of Westmarch' - you know, that book that is being written in by Bilbo Baggins (and Frodo) before ultimately being handed to Samwise Gamgee. He will appear at the beginning and end of the movie at least.

This has all been confirmed by who continued to postulate: "Frodo’s return makes it possible that Sean Astin could appear as Sam and other Hobbits such as Merry or Pippin can not be ruled out. TORn’s information indicates however, that Frodo and the young Bilbo are the primary Hobbit connections between the film series."

There is always the chance that the script will/has been changed, but it is doubtful at this late stage. All signs point to Frodo appearing! More when I get it...

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