Monday, July 18, 2011

HARRY POTTER 7.2 Sets Massive New Opening Weekend Records! With Good Reason - It's VERY Good!

I have always enjoyed the Harry Potter franchise since day one. But something was missing for me and I couldn't put my finger on it. Suddenly it all comes home for me while watching HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS Pt. 2 with my daughter in IMAX 3D... connecting the dots.

I found that the earlier iterations of the immense money maker for Warner Bros. lacked some continuity for me. Furthermore, I didn't fully understand how Harry felt about his parents not being around. And lastly, though time was passing throughout the movie releases, I didn't capture how time was affecting these kids. One movie blurred into the next. Perhaps it would have helped to have watched a few one right after the other, but I don't have the time to do that very often.

But HARRY POTTER 7.2 grabs it all. ALL OF IT. And presents it to you in a most electrifying way. The ending is truly amazing for me. Teens will probably not fully appreciate the final scenes as much as the older crowd would, but it is all perfectly blended for the PG-13 audience. If you liked the ending for something like TOY STORY 3, then you'll like this ending too. Warmed my heart, it did!

The 3D conversion was adequate. Not exceptional like THOR (or how CAPTAIN AMERICA seems to be), but ample. There were some minor distracting problems with the 3D, but overall the average moviegoer will not notice. It is DEFINITELY worth seeing this thing in IMAX 3D let me tell you. It's not a TRANSFORMERS: DARK OF THE MOON 3D experience but it is definitely the way to see it.

One thing is certain, part 2 of THE DEATHLY HALLOWS is much better than part 1. If you have seen any of the previous movies, then I fully recommend seeing this finale. If you have seen ALL of the other movies then I know there will be nothing stopping you from completing the journey, because this is the best of the lot.

And the world agrees! Actual numbers are now in and HP7.2 made $169.19 million domestically this weekend (better than the estimate of $168.55m!). That is the ALL TIME RECORD. THE DARK KNIGHT now stands second with $158m. Of course it set the opening day record as well with $91.1m - that helps!

But get this: HP7.2 raked in $481.5m worldwide!! Domestically 3D accounted for 43% of the gross which to me is about right considering the marketing for HP7.2 was not all that 3D intensive compared to something like TRANSFORMERS 3. I am steadfast in my thinking that if you are running a successful franchise in 2D and this is your first run at a 3D movie for it, you had better market it to the nth degree or you will not get full performance. If folks are used to seeing something in 2D like Potter, they will probably see the last one the same way - UNLESS you make it abundantly clear that you will be missing something if it is not seen in 3D. Michael Bay and Paramount did a wonderful job with TF3. Warner's did not push this nearly as much. But I am certainly happy with 43% domestically. Don't forget the majority of box office revenue is no longer domestic, but in most cases overwhelmingly overseas. And 3D is riding 60%+ there consistently.

My last word is you have to see this movie. IMAX 3D is best. I can finally without reservation recommend a Potter film!! SEE IT!

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