Thursday, August 18, 2011

Ridley Scott Directing A New BLADE RUNNER Movie - In 3D!

Tim here. Apparently Deadline has it on good authority that Ridley Scott intends to return to the world of BLADE RUNNER with the new state of the art 3D technology that he used to revive Alien with cousin PROMETHEUS. It's unknown whether the movie will be a sequel or prequel to the 1982 cult classic, which was loosely based on Philip K. Dick's "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?".

Set in a dystopian 2019 Los Angeles, the original film followed burnt out blade runner Richard Decker (Harrison Ford) as he hunted down replicants, organic superhuman robots, who have escaped to Earth and are hiding in LA. His life turns around when he falls in love with Rachel (Sean Young), a replicant who was unaware that she was a replicant, he fights to keep her from retirement (what they call destroying replicants). It's unclear whether Ford will return, and the same is true for co-stars Young and Edward James Olmos who played blade runner Gaff.

Alcon Entertainment partners Broderick Johnson and Andrew Kosove will be joining Scott as producers. They got franchise control earlier this year. Although the film wasn't a box office smash when it hit in 1982, as it only made $27.5 million at that time and through re-releases in '92 and 2007 brought it's lifetime gross to $32.8 million, but the cult status and critical esteem it has gained makes it a very hot property. It was one of the first films to be associated with the term tech noir with it's bleak, but breathtaking visuals, complex storyline with themes of mortality. It is now considered a classic.

Imagine what Scott and his team could do with the addition of 3D. Warner Bros. made the original film, and Alcon has a distribution deal with them for this one. No word on a release date, but Prometheus is set to hit 3D screens June 8, 2012.

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