Sunday, September 04, 2011

Behind The Scenes BATTLESHIP Clip With Rihanna

As far as behind the scenes clips go, this one is not all that exciting simply because it is full of Entertainment Tonight tinsel rather than content unfortunately. Certainly gets the word out, but it could have much more appealing.

Rihanna does her thing firing off her modern gatling gun, but I'm not sold on her yet either. She'll bring in a younger audience, but for me the one saving grace of this project to date is Liam Neeson. I am a fan of Taylor Kitsch (so far), but I reserve my "I can carry a movie" judgement until I see JOHN CARTER.

Here's the BTS clip:

I have removed the clip as it has an annoying autoplay feature I can't turn off!! Here's the link to view it on ET's site.

Ok, maybe I am a bit too skeptical
but they need to push some other buttons for me. Bring in some special effects guys - or the alien design team. Discuss what they did that was different of course discuss 3D. Let's go!

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