Monday, September 12, 2011

TOP GUN Returning To Theaters In 3D!

I love news like this because it is the perfect application of 3D conversion without any reservation whatsoever! Legend3D is converting the classic 80's movie TOP GUN for Paramount and the re-release window is set for Q1 2012.

Attendees to the International Broadcasting Convention (IBC) in Amsterdam got to see a 4 minute preview of the converted film which featured the 4 minute aerial fight sequence entitled "Danger Zone".

Paramount still wants to get Tony Scott's approval before the release.

Legend3D has signed on with Paramount in a revenue sharing deal, common in this type of scenario. I want to see many more of these classic movies converted! It's a perfect way to extend the life of catalog products and in some cases, like TOP GUN, earn another theatrical run. Well done Paramount and Legend3D! And yes, Legend3D is a top tier 3D conversion house - this should be a very well done conversion.

Source: THR | Legend3D

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