Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Poll Closed: TINTIN Is The Resounding Winner In This Season's Anticipation For 3D Movies!

Nice results for Spielberg & Jackson, but who is really surprised? Not me. A majority 51% listed TINTIN as one of their top choices to see this season.

Click to enlarge the results image.

I think you made a wise choice too - how does $56 million sound? Sounds pretty good to Paramount right about now as TINTIN has been slapping around the competition in Europe for a few days now! Wait until the doors open in North America - this thing will go ballistic. Easily $1 billion plus. Easily.

PUSS IN BOOTS charmed its way into second place with 26% in our poll - Dreamworks Animation has been filled its channels with marketing for a long time now and it is paying off in the theaters. PIB has clawed in $34 million thus far and is still in its first week's framework. Of course the inclement weather in the northeast of the US has certainly put a damper on Puss' performance.

Now it gets interesting. IMMORTALS (21%) has topped out Scorsese's HUGO (18%) for third spot! I find this remarkable as Tarsem Singh has had some success but is not proven with a large budget yet. I am hoping for the best, but in my books HUGO must be a must see.

I'll have a new poll soon for you guys - enjoy the new 3D releases this season and let me know what you think of them!

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