Tuesday, November 01, 2011

3D Geek Alert: Glasses-Free 200 Inch S3DHD Display Is Here! Watch Video...

Holy parallax 3D Batman! Where did this thing come from? I knew companies were working on such technology, but to actually having something that they are willing to show the public is a different thing entirely.

NICT (National Institute of Information and Communications) along with JVC Kenwood has just unveiled a 200" autostereoscopic (glasses-free) display. In order to achieve that first generation lofty goals, they have enlisted the use of 57 specially tuned projectors beaming on to a customized screen. The 500 kg condensor lens screen has a diffusion film that smoothly integrates all the different viewing angles into one singular and unique experience for every viewer.

The viewing angles are narrow (13 degrees wide, as opposed to 180 degrees for most displays) but there are 57 viewing angles in total that merge between themselves, all in full high definition.

The audience can individually walk around the room to see AROUND corners and objects.

NICT and JVC Kenwood also said that they are actively working on capturing video as well - presumably in some optimized fashion for this glasses-free display. Optimized video capture involves physical digital cameras being placed at 2cm intervals (which could prove challenging given the size of full frame sensors). They are getting around this at the moment by using CG virtual cameras which can be placed in any space without any significant limitation.

Next steps for them? Bumping up the number of projectors from 57 to 200! This increase will allow bigger much screen sizes.

Well I am stunned with this new technology.
Keep in mind this is first generation attempts! With pure CG films (like most of AVATAR for example), this display tech is viable right now if production was done with this output in mind.
Stay tuned for more when I get it!

Source: DigInfo

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