Tuesday, December 06, 2011

STAR TREK 2 Update: Benicio del Toro Is Out! Khan Is Still The Villain!!

A lot happening in J.J. Abrams' STAR TREK corner so let's update. When last we heard, Benicio del Toro was being courted as the villain, and not just any villain - Khan Noonien Singh.

Now we have multiple reports from sources confirming that yes, Khan is in fact in the movie! That is deeply surprising to me, but I am hopeful that this new STAR TREK universe allows the creative freedom to do something radical yet beneficial here. There is no doubt the risk is high bringing in Khan. I don't want a regurgitation of Ricardo Montalban's character as it was perfect as is.

Another surprise is that the obvious go-to guy for this role might have been Benicio del Toro - BUT apparently talks have broken down (Vulture) and he is no longer being considered.

So here's the thing: Remember Abrams' denial (HitFix) that Del Toro would be Khan in the movie? He could have said "not true" and be addressing the fact that Del Toro would not be there. Perhaps he never denied the inclusion of Khan. Seems more and more so everyday.

A ton of secrecy surrounding STAR TREK 2! In fact, many of the cast haven't read the script (/Film) yet. That's some tough cloak and dagger happening! More when I get it.

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