Thursday, January 05, 2012

3D Geek Alert: Hungry? How About A Dark Vador Burger!

Yes, it's spelled wrong to those of us in North America, but the French have known Darth Vader as Dark Vador since 1977 due to the translation.

As far as in-your-face marketing is concerned, this is definitely in-your-face and your mouth potentially.

The burgers are from France and is helping to merchandise the upcoming re-release of STAR WARS: THE PHANTOM MENACE 3D. They will be available for purchase until early March and come in three different takes: The Dark Burger which is the choice of the red meat loving Darth Maul, The Jedi Burger which seems to have Quebec poutine type cheese curds and white sauce and of course the aforementioned Dark Vador Burger which will attack the taste buds of any Darth Vader lovers. Yes, the Dark Vador Burger has an ALL BLACK BUN. Don't know that if you choke on it you sound like Vader trying to breathe.

You should read the comments section about this restaurant chain in France - apparently it's not a large leap to imagine choking on it!

HuffPo offers up the translations for the ads: "...the top asks onlookers to decide which side of The Force they want to align themselves with, while the bottom encourages them to eat more than five servings of fruits and vegetables a day."

Let's face it, these burgers are in a restaurant far, far away. So, in a battle to save your galaxy, which burger would you choose? Or would you abstain and take the easy way out? :-)

Thanks for the info on France's naming of Darth Vader and on the Quick hamburger chain HDVision!

Source: HuffPo

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