Thursday, February 23, 2012

3D Geek Alert: Be Among The First Of Your Friends To Spread Breaking 3D News!

Hey guys! Got an pretty cool new service to offer you. It's all about spreading breaking 3D news the second we post it here on MarketSaw! And it's free on

All you do is check out the link right here and sign up with your Twitter and Facebook pages so that you can automatically spread a story on MarketSaw the moment it becomes available.

I know many of our readers simply do this by hand anyway on their accounts and this way you don't have to do anything at all. We have a level of trust that we've built up since 2006 on this site - a lot of time has passed and some great stories too. Give it a try if you're so inclined - be the go-to 3D person in your circle of friends!

I hope you enjoy the service as much as I think you will. Sign up today! Also be sure to check out the MarketSaw mobile site from your portable device. Thanks for supporting MarketSaw all these years!

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